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Excellent analytics - great  Insights

Lack of predictability of IP quality, IP delivery timescales or simply, what's the return on my verification investment?

Difficulties in scaling verification platform due to inadequate data accessibility or interpretation.

Difficulty in creating plausible business case to the Board for investment into verification methodology, people, tools and platform.

Am I spending enough, or too little?

Scarcity of data competence in teams

What are the fundementals needed to give you answers?

Baseline of your team's current "data insights" capability

Data strategy - Detailed data schema and frameworks for data architectures

Data & analytics development plan and resourcing

Predictive modelling to model necessary efficiency and effectiveness improvements needed

Advice and expertise - how to mobilize your data more efffectively

What problems are you trying to solve?

Mobilizing engineering data to create insights

Silicon Insights offer expertise in data schemas needed for verification methodology.

Data engineering frameworks for start-ups or more established engineering teams

Support for multiple database and analytics solutions (Postgres, Mongo, ELK, PowerBI, Metabase, Grafana etc.)

Generation of multiple verification datasets to model effectiveness and efficiency improvements to methodology and platform investments.


Analytic - Sim results by Testbench & clock runtime analysis - created in Grafana


Analytic - Sim results show clear case for shift left! Platform costs predicted. Created in Metabase


Analytic - Sim results show runtime by testbench - Created in Kibana

RTL Bug  discovery drill down.jpg

Analytic - Bug discovery in design testbenches over time, with project milestone markers - Created in PowerBI

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