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Welcome to Silicon Insights

Silicon Insights provides semiconductor IP businesses with data-driven insights to sign-post how to achieve improved product quality, better delivery predictability, plus engineering scale-out. Our focus is on exploiting the power of data analytics, to help improve engineering engagement, stimulate learning, and innovation in verification methodologies

Our Company

At Silicon Insights, we are passionate about providing  semiconductor IP businesses with the engineering data tools and services they need to succeed. Our team of experts leverages data-driven insights from engineering datasets to help our clients achieve shift-left goals, product quality improvements and platform efficiency gains. We are committed to helping engineering teams create organizational engagement, learning, and innovation to achieve continuous improvements.

Engineering data mobilisation

Data capability brings engineering transparency and accountability. Good data provides a vital baseline for all aspects of engineering change management

Engineering Platform

Engineering platform efficiency improvements leading to better understanding of $ ROI.

Deliver best-in-class capacity management to ensure maximized utilization. Drive predictability in future platform investment planning

Leadership & Governance

Exec coaching – ability to stand back from problems and identify strategies for success, implementation and leadership excellence.

Governance – shape your organization to execute measure and incrementally improve in a traceable and accountable way.

Verification effectiveness and efficiency

Gain verification effectiveness and efficiency improvements through directed methodology and workflow changes. Improved IP/product quality, reduced product time to market and roadmap de-risking

EDA & IP commercials and collaborations

Better understanding of $ ROI spent on EDA tools and third party IP. More efficient negotiations resulting in better outcomes <$.

Maximise value of collaborations and partnership with EDA vendors

Publications, authoring & blogging

Insight driven, independent, vendor agnostic opinion leadership. Traffic building, opinion development.

Our Services

At Silicon Insights, we offer services and data frameworks to hardware IP businesses  that drive improved IP quality, predictable timelines and enhanced ROI using our enablement services and inSIGHTS© data schema frameworks. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with the insights they need to achieve improved IP quality, predictable deliveries, and enhanced reputation.

What We're Proud Of


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Ready to Take Your Hardware IP Business to the Next Level?

At Silicon Insights, we are committed to helping hardware IP businesses achieve improved quality, predictable deliveries, and enhanced reputation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

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